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Revised Inbound Air Travelers Policy


Simplification of Procedure for Issuance of the letter of Administration / Succession Certificates.


Travel restrictions for inbound travel from category C countries


Message from the High Commissioner for the Pakistani Community regarding the COVID-19 Vaccination


Pakistan Citizen Portal

Overseas Pakistanis can raise their issues on the PCP by using the following options.

By using Mobile App
(People having smart phone)

Android Link

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By using Web-Access
(People having no smart phone)
By Participation in Khuli Kachehris Overseas Pakistanis can participate in e-Kachehris which are being scheduled as per SOPs on Facebook, Radio or TV by the 24 Federal Organizations.
Manual Complaint Lodging Facility Overseas Pakistanis who are either illiterate or physically challenged, or aged or women/windows can lodge their written complaints as per SOPs through PCP-Dashboard. In this regard, all dashboards of MOFA and its foreign mission are authorized to do so.
Help-line for Guidance 0092-(0)51-9000111

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Travel restrictions for inbound travel from UK and South Africa


Travel Restrictions from UK Amid Emergency of New Corona Virus.

  1. Temporary restriction is being put in place on inbound travelers from UK (whether direct or indirect) into Pakistan to be effective from midnight 22nd December (i.e. 00:00 hours 23rd December, 2020) until midnight 29th December, 2020; this restriction will be applicable to all persons who originate travel from the UK and in or have been in UK over the past 10 days.
  2. Transit passengers (who do not leave airside in UK) from destinations other than UK will be allowed to travel into Pakistan.
  3. Pakistani Passport holders who have travelled to UK on visitor / temporary visas will be allowed to return to Pakistan with following arrangements: -
    1. Negative PCR test, performed within 72 hours prior to flight will be required.
    2. PCR test on arrivals in Pakistan under arrangement directorate of central health establishment (CHE) / federating units health staff. Passenger will be required to stay in the airport or in government facility until PCR test is taken.
    3. Mandatory enforced home quarantine for 7 days.
    4. Trace and test all passengers arrived from UK over the past 7 days as per TTQ protocol including passenger arriving 21st and 22nd December 2020.
  4. Pass track App is made mandatory for all travelers arriving in Pakistan with effect from midnight 22nd December, passengers who do not have Pass Track App, will need to fill out the web form of the Pass Track App.
  5. CAA is required to issue necessary guidelines to all airlines for implementation of the abovementioned decisions.
  6. NCOC will review the abovementioned decisions on 28th December, 2020 and any change will be communicated to CAA for further necessary instructions.

International Travelers from Following Countries Do Not require Covid-19 PCR Test before entry into Pakistan